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Flavor or Nutrition?   Why choosing when Genki has both!
• Cholesterol Free
• High Nutritious Enrichment
• No MSG/No Artificial Flavor or Color/No preservative

Introducing Genki

      A Japanese Seaweed Seasoning Mix that adds flavor to your meal with plenty of nutrition
What is Genki?
      Japanese people usually have Genki on their dining table as a necessary complimentary in each meal. Better than other spice, pepper or any sauces, you can just serve an easy sprinkle Genki on plain rice or any dish to add more flavor and high nutrition.

A Simple Meal But Great Taste

      With an easy - simple sprinkle touch, you can create your own style dishes, just sprinkle Genki on soup, salad, noodle or any dishes. Just that easy! You can sit back and enjoy your quick and zesty meal.
A High Nutritious Meal
     From its combinations of cereals, dried vegetables, seaweed and dried meats (selection of real shrimp, fish, pork, and soybean). Genki offers very different seaweed seasoning mixes. With o% cholesterol, it enriches of essential protein, iron, calcium, vitamin A, B1, B2, minerals etc. Genki also contains no MSG, preservative or any chemical food additives, which can be harmful toward consumers’ health. So it gives you a great taste and crunchy touch as its high nutrition.

Advanced technology, Product of Quality
     To commit of being a 100% natural and consumer care product, Genki is packed in aluminium foil pouch , an oxygen absorber and desiccant to preserve freshness and great taste until you open the pack.

Sprinkle Genki on

• soup
• salad
• pizza
• pasta
• barbecue
• sushi
• sukiyaki
• noodle
• etc.

4 Great Selections!
Introducing 4 different flavors of
- Shrimp
- Fish
- Pork
- Vegetables
(Special choice for vegetarians)