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Fresher Is Better When It Lasts Longer
     Fresh produce should have natural colors, good texture, full flavors, nutrients, and no defects. When product freshness begins to deteriorate these essential characteristics diminish rapidly, directly impacting selling time, profit margins, and consumer satisfaction. Manufacturers and supply chains have been searching for the quickest way to bring their produce to market with hopes of extending selling time so that consumers are able to enjoy the true "freshness" of produce. Most companies have yet to find the solution. Have you?

BeFresh, the Solution for Retaining Freshness
      Time is critical when it comes to fresh produce and every second counts. BeFresh is developed from safe organic compounds that prolong the freshness of vegetables, fruits, and flowers. BeFresh is a must during the post-harvest handling and mixed commodity storage of fruits, vegetables, or other floral items. Simply inserting a BeFresh sachet into your packaging will enable the shelf life of fresh produce to be extended, ensuring that the consumer receives the freshest product.

Comparison of oranges stored with and without BeFresh for 14 days at 77oF

Comparison of bananas stored with and without BeFresh for 5 days at 77oF

Comparison of broccoli stored with and without BeFresh for 5 days at 77oF

Problems with Ethylene Gas and Fresh Produce

      Ethylene, well-known as the 'death' or 'ripening hormone,' plays a regulatory role in the plant growth, development, and deterioration process. Small amounts of ethylene gas released during shipping and storage is the main cause of fresh produce deterioration. Some of the negative effects of ethylene gas on fresh produce are obvious: shrinkage and decay in fresh produce and flower bulbs; russet spotting in leafy vegetables and eggplants; yellowing in cucumbers, broccoli and Brussels sprouts; odor in garlic and onions; wilting in vegetables and cut flowers; scald and loss of crunch in apples; and rind breakdown in citrus. Removal of ethylene gas in the storage and shipping phase extends storage life, reduces loss, and increases profits!

BeFresh Advantages
     BeFresh is safe to use and never mixes into the produce. BeFresh prolongs storage life, reduces loss, and increases profits. BeFresh protects fresh produce continuously during short and long periods of storage, transport, and distribution. BeFresh enables manufacturers and supply chains to provide the freshest produce that instills consumer confidence and assures consumer satisfaction.

Should You Worry About Ethylene Gas?
     Every plant naturally produces ethylene gas in different quantities. Please check out table of ethylene production and sensitivity levels of selected fresh produce or contact our experts for further information regarding ethylene (i.e. production rate and sensitivity) in the commodities you handle. We will be glad to help!